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RA (removable appliance)

A removable appliance is a small orthodontic plate worn to correct early developing problems. It achieves the necessary tooth movement required by tipping teeth using springs, wires and expansion screws that push the teeth into their correct position.

The Orthodontist uses this appliance to guide your natural growth process. The appliance is generally worn all the time until otherwise directed.

There is generally a "breaking in" period, with some slight discomfort, as you start to get used to your plate, but after a day or two it will become part of you. Speech will be affected for a few days but will quickly return to normal.

Why do I need it?

undefinedRemovable appliance treatment usually begins after the four upper front teeth have erupted (ages 7-9) and can be necessary when:

  • upper front teeth protrude
  • lower front teeth protrude
  • teeth are in crossbite
  • upper and /or lower arches are too narrow

The aim is to move your teeth into a position where they will be less prone to injury and to normalise jaw growth.

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