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Headgear (Reverse face mask- RFM)

In some instances, it is necessary to wear a type of headgear that brings the upper jaw forward while holding the lower jaw back.

The usual indication for a facemask type of headgear would be a need to advance the upper jaw position by allowing its growth to express itself in a more forward direction.

This is also the headgear of choice when the growing patient shows a condition that is referred to as an underbite: that is, when closing, the upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth.

In these instances it is important to encourage the forward growth of the upper teeth and jaw (hence, the forward direction pull for the facemask) in order to allow the correct overlap of the lower teeth. The facemask is typically worn 12 - 14 hours per day (approximately 8 sleeping hours and 4 waking hours), but is not worn to school or social events.

The reverse headgear is simple to use and comfortable to wear after a short adjustment period.

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