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undefined"No extractions" and simple braces to correct crooked teeth in children and adults is the dream of both patients and orthodontists - and for most patients it is an achievable goal. However some dentists and orthodontists exploit patient's natural reluctance to extraction treatment for cynical marketing reasons and claim that (without exception) extraction orthodontics damages the face / smile / joints. However there is no evidence to suggest that properly planned and performed orthodontic treatment damages the smile or face. Extraction and non-extraction treatment modes are both accepted and acceptable in the right circumstances. But the whole debate over extraction of teeth is really a debate about how to obtain space for tooth alignment and tooth movement in the crowded dentition, and the options are as follows:

  1. Expand the dental arches
  2. Interdental stripping (Make the teeth smaller by stripping enamel from between the contacting surfaces)
  3. Extract teeth
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