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Orthodontic Conditions


undefinedCrowding presents itself as a general overlap of teeth in each jaw. Crowding results from a number of factors, one of which is hereditary. Genetically, we find examples of large teeth accompanied by a small jaw where the teeth won't all fit, but they continue to erupt and overlap each other.

Crowding may also occur due to environmental factors such as premature loss of deciduous (baby) teeth either from decay, extraction or sometimes, early natural loss. This allows the permanent teeth in the back part of the mouth to crowd forward resulting in a lack of space for other permanent teeth. Just as there is early loss of deciduous teeth, prolonged retention of the primary teeth can deflect the permanent teeth from their normal eruption path, resulting in crowding.

Orthodontic treatment usually involves the use of braces which are the most efficient and accurate way of aligning teeth.

Sometimes it is necessary to extract teeth to provide sufficient space to allow the teeth to be aligned in a stable and harmonious position within the jaws and face.

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